Divider Rails For Shutters in Utah

In some cases, divider rails are needed on your shutters to increase the stability of the product. In other cases, the divider rail is mainly for decorative purposes.

What is a Shutter Divider Rail?

The shutter divider rail on interior shutters is a horizontal rail that is usually placed in the center of the shutters. This allows you to open and close the top half and bottom half of your interior shutters independently of each other for great lighting control.

On exterior wooden shutters, if they are over 70 inches tall, then a divider rail is needed to maintain the stability of the structure. Exterior vinyl shutters over 54 inches tall also require a divider rail, and combination shutters with louvers and raised panels in them, need a divider rail to separate the different styles of wood on them.

Exterior shutters divider rails serve the purpose of adding strength to the shutters, and it is the area to attach a slide bolt to secure your hinged shutters outside.

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Where to Locate a Shutter Divider Rail

On an exterior shutter, the divider rail is generally at the middle of the height from the top to bottom. It’s also called a mid-rail, center-rail, and a center bar. Many times the divider rail is placed on exterior shutters to align with the horizontal division on the window, so it looks best. If the window doesn’t have a division on it, then a division point may be slightly higher than half of the shutter height.

How to Measure for a Divider Rail

You can measure the division point for a divider rail as the center of the distance from the top to the bottom of the shutter for solid panel shutters. Louvered and combination shutters can be slightly higher or lower than this to accommodate for the equal spacing of the slats.
Shutters With Two Divider Rails
If your shutter model is quite tall, it may actually have two divider rails to give you three separate sections vertically on the shutter for visual interest. For this application, the second divider rail is also measured from the bottom of the shutter to the division point.
Divider Rail vs. Double Tier
A double-tier shutter or a tier-on-tier shutter is when there are two sets of shutters with one set on the top half of a window and the other set on the bottom half of the window. Each of the halves operate independently of each other for lighting control in interior shutters. You can open the top half for light while leaving the bottom half closed for privacy.

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