Types of Shutter Frames in Utah

Your type of frame for your shutters designates how your custom shutters will look when they are installed in your home.

Inside vs. Outside Mount

The inside mount shutter frames in Utah are also called recess fit, because of the manner in which they fit inside of the window frame, and they are usually flush with the walls on each side of the frame. The outside mount frames are also called face fit, because they fit on the outside of the frame or trim on your windows.

Both inside and outside mounted shutters look lovely, however, some homeowners like the inside mount best, so that the shutters and frame do not protrude into the room. Inside mount shutters are also a bit smaller and can save you some money as well.


Inside Mount Frames


An L-Frame is the simplest design. It doesn’t detract attention from your beautiful shutters, especially if they are basswood shutters in Utah, a true work of art. It’s a square that fits inside the recess of your window frame. It can be pushed to the rear of the window frame near the glass on your window, or it can be pulled forward to the front edge of the window frame to sit flush with the wall on the sides of the frame.

L-Frames are usually used for windows that already have nice trim around them or window frames that are too shallow for the slat size of your shutters.


A Z-Frame mounts inside of the window frame, but it is always seated to the front of it, so that the frame is flush with the walls on each side of the window. It also has a decorative trim that overlaps the frame and surrounds the opening.

This type of window shutters in Utah frame produces trim for you around a window without any type of trim on them. The bottom of the frame can be cut flat as well, to accept a protruding windowsill at the bottom of the window opening.

Outside Mount Frames


The outside mounting L-Frame is much like the inside mount version of the same frame. There are pre-drilled holes in this frame to mount it directly onto the wall around a window frame, or on the trim around the window frame.

Measurements must be taken accordingly in order to have the correct style and size of the frame to mount your custom window shutters in Utah.

Beautiful Custom Shutters in Utah

Choosing custom shutters in Utah allows you to decide on many different customizations for your particular choice of interior shutters in Utah. We carry custom window treatments, choices of divider rails in Utah, and the most magnificent Utah basswood shutters as well. Contact us at Mill Creek Shutters to learn about all the possibilities we can offer you for custom shutters.

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