Premium Color Painted Shutters in Utah

Your custom shutters for both the interior and exterior of your home in Utah should be a color that matches your decor inside of your home or the outside of your home for exterior shutters. You want a color that stands out and doesn’t blend in, especially for exterior shutters in Utah.

What Are The Most Popular Shutter Colors?

Several paint colors of shutters are loved by homeowners, including green with a touch of gray for a vintage appearance, as well as a bright and beautiful vibrant green that really stands out on exterior shutters in Utah. Black paint with some blue tint in it is interesting on shutters when they are on the exterior of a white home. Navy blue with some warm white and gray in it produces a lovely color that is quaint, and works well in a small town. Soft teal is a color that is loved for exterior and interior shutters in Utah to match coastal decor.

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Why Is Shutter Color Important?

The color of your shutters, whether they are indoor plantation shutters or exterior shutters should not compete with the other colors of your home, but they should complement them. Shutters are considered an accent, so you can add a pop of color to stand out, or it can be a color that just completes your home.

How to Pick Shutter Colors

Choosing the paint colors for your interior shutters is pretty easy. You just choose a coordinating color that goes with the color palette in your decor. Outside shutters are a bit harder to make choices of colors though, because you have more variables.

You may want to refrain from choosing a super bright and blinding color for your exterior shutters in Utah if you plan on selling your home in the future. Many people will admire your personality in your shutter colors, but they may not be impressed with it in their prospective home.

Painted Shutters
Painted Shutters

Things to Consider When Picking Exterior Shutter Colors

A great place to start with your exterior shutter color is to consider the other trim color on your home that is around your windows and the color of your doors as well. If you have a colored front door and choose a matching paint color for your shutters, it will be the perfect pairing and look great. Other things to consider are:

Your Home's Interior Style

The Window Trim Color

Your Home's Exterior Colors


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Need Help In choosing Shutter Colors For Your Home?

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