Lovely Painted Basswood Shutters in Utah

Basswood is the highest quality premium hardwood available for making custom indoor shutters for your home or business. Each length is chosen for fabrication purposes making certain that it is strong and durable. Basswood is also a sustainable wood, and it’s certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, so you know you aren’t harming the environment.

Is Basswood Good For Shutters?

Basswood is the wood of choice all over the world for shutters. It has a very straight grain, which makes it one of the strongest, and most durable hardwoods in the world. The straight grain keeps the wood very stable, so it is highly resistant to warping, as some other shutter materials can do. This type of wood is easy to adapt to any shape and size of the window and even specialty-shaped windows, such as arches, circles, hexagons, and any other shape you can imagine.

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The Benefits of Basswood Shutters

Basswood is lightweight but durable and long-lasting. This means your shutters will last for many years to come. Being light in weight makes this type of hardwood work especially well for large windows, bay and bow windows, as well as sliding glass doors.

By using 100% basswood for custom shutters including the frame, your joints are much stronger where the corners are, and they will be more durable for many years to come. This is a great advantage over MDF-manufactured frame materials.

Basswood Shutters Features

Premium basswood shutters have a luxurious appearance to instantly upgrade any space. The wood is a natural light color that is pale to slightly yellow. The light coloring is excellent for staining or painting it in any color you choose because it will accept the true color better than darker-colored woods. The finish is sanded, and it makes for a very smooth and consistent wood finish. We can match the color of paint or stain to your existing decor in any room, so it matches seamlessly with your other furnishings.

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Basswood Shutters Installation

Shutter installation can be quite difficult if you aren’t a professional installer. There are many different mounting options, and each of the panels needs to fit perfectly to look astounding and perform perfectly. We offer installation with all of our products, and we guarantee the products and our services to you.

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