Plantation Shutters: For French and Patio Doors?

French doors and patio sliding glass doors are very beautiful in any home. They are large expanses of glass that allow you the best views of the outside world from inside your home in a comfortable atmosphere. Many homeowners create beautiful gardens for items of interest out of these larger doors, or a focal point outside, such as a garden fountain. These doors, since they have a lot of glass, can be a challenge to dress through.

Choosing the right Plantation Shutters for French and Patio Doors.

Indoor plantation shutters are an excellent choice for French and patio doors. Shutters are an investment in your home, and they add value to it, which no other window treatments can do. They may be a bit more expensive than some other options up front, but they will pay for themselves pretty quickly in the energy efficiency that you will get from them all year round with lower heating and cooling bills.

The two best design options for indoor plantation shutters on your glass doors include full-height louvered shutters and part solid and part louvered shutters.

Full-height louvered shutters are constructed as a three-sided frame with a mid rail on it that hides your handles on the doors. This is the style to let in the most light, and it gives you great lighting control as well.

Part solid and part louvered shutters also have a three-sided frame with a section on the bottom of each shutter panel that is solid wood, and the top part of the panel has the standard louvers on it. This works well on glass doors because the solid bottom section can be easily wiped down to remove any dust or debris that may enter your home from opening and closing the glass doors. This style breaks up the design for a great look of interest and depth in your home.

The Benefits of Shutters for French and Patio Doors

There are many different benefits of using indoor shutters for your French and patio doors. One of the main benefits is the available mounting options. French doors, attach directly to each door, so they don’t sway or move when you open and close the doors.

On patio doors, they can be mounted so that they don’t sway when you operate the door, and they can be bi-fold or by-pass in style. The bi-fold mounting opens like bi-fold doors in an accordion style to each side of the door, or the by-pass method has each panel slightly offset, so they slide behind each other to open them.

Offer Privacy and Light Control

Plantation shutters offer you privacy and light control that is unmatched by other window treatments. You can close them and close the louvers for ultimate privacy and for blocking out light entirely from your large glass doors. You can open the louvers by tilting them to any position for filtered lighting inside your home or swing them open entirely for an unobstructed view of the outside.

Elegant and Stylish

Shutters are a classic and beautiful window shading product that adds an instant upgrade of elegance to any home, and they match any decor you may have. Shutters never go out of style, and they usually have a lifetime warranty, so you will never need to replace them as you might with other types of window treatments that are trendy at one point in time.

Provide an extra layer of insulation in the winter

In the winter, when you close your plantation shutters d close the louvers as well, they give you an extra layer of insulation near your large glass areas to be very energy efficient and save you on your heating costs. Wood and Polywood shutters have natural insulation properties in the materials they are made of to add natural insulation to your home in the largest expanses of glass where you need it most.

Stop children and pets from going outside

Shutters are pet and child-safe window coverings with no dangling cords to harm them. They also can prevent pets and young children from escaping outside, as we all know, toddlers can get outside in just a split second when you turn your back. Installing a latch system up high on the shutter stiles allows you to lock them in place even if the doors are open in nice weather, but it prevents any escapees from your home to keep them safe.

Plantations Shutters are made to measure 

Custom plantation shutters are made to fit the exact measurements of your French and patio doors for a perfect fit with proper operation, as well. There is no one size fits in any type of window treatment, and you should invest in custom treatments to make sure they look fabulous and fit and work as they should.

Are you ready to install Plantation shutters to your French and Patio Door?

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