Shutters For Utah Sliding Glass Doors

Indoor shutters for sliding glass doors protect your privacy, and block out light and sun, they don’t sway like shades or blinds when you open the door, and they are so durable that they will likely far outlive your actual sliding glass door.

Can Plantation Shutters Be Installed on Sliding Doors?

Custom plantation shutters can be installed on sliding doors. They need to be installed differently than if they were on a window to accommodate the door properly, and not to hinder the performance. The two mounting methods are called bi-fold and bypass shutters.

Each of these plantation shutters in Utah will have a cutout for the handle on your sliding door to operate it without interfering with the shutter itself. The bi-fold mounting option uses a top and bottom track and allows you to open it just like a bi-fold door where it forms an accordion-like shape when you open it. The bypass method allows the shutter panels to be offset slightly, so that they can slide in front of each other when you open the door and be out of the way. This style uses a top track.

Shutters For Sliding Glass Door
Shutters For Sliding Glass Door

Why Install Plantation Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors have quite a large expanse of glass which is beautiful, but it can supply your home with a lot of heat from the sun’s UV rays too. Sliding glass door shutters in Utah will block the sunlight when they are closed to make your home more energy efficient. This type of custom window treatment also gives you great privacy, and they last for many years into the future. Plantation shutters also don’t slap against the glass on your sliding door when you operate them as blinds and shades do. They are also available in divider rail shutters in Utah.

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