Custom Shutter Wood Stains in Utah

Both your interior and exterior shutters in Utah can be stained in complementary colors to match your inside decor or the trim work on the exterior of your home.

Available Stains for Shutters in Utah

Some of the more common stain colors for your shutters are grouped together by the color palette, although there are almost limitless combinations in each of the major color categories. The major categories are:

Light oak brings out the tones of natural color in your wood and the grain of the wood. This color is most often used on beautiful basswood shutters in Utah that are loved for their light yellowish color. Chestnut colors are brownish-tan, and they look like natural wood. Cherry colors have amber tones with warm-reddish colors in them. Myrtle colors have brown, honey, gray, red, and green in them. Mahogany colors are brownish-red to highlight the wood grain, and ebony colors are very dark and look almost black in color for your Utah window shutters.

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How To Pick Shutter Stains

For interior shutters, they look their best if they match the color of something else in your home to promote continuity in color. You can choose a shutter stain color that matches your wood flooring, furniture, or trim. You can also choose to have your new shutters stained in the same color as others that you already have in your home. Your new shutters can be stained or painted in any color you wish with custom shutters in Utah.

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Need Help in choosing Shutter Stains For Your Home?

Our expert designers at Mill Creek Shutters have decades of experience helping homeowners choose stain colors for both interior and exterior window shutters in Utah, so they complement your other aesthetics. We are more than happy to assist you in choosing your shutter stain colors. Contact us for our assistance in choosing all of your custom window treatments.

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