Stunning Stained Basswood Shutters in Utah

We use only the premium basswood for fabricating our shutters, and it is hand sourced and hand selected for the best grain and the most luxurious wood while being eco-friendly.

What Makes Basswood A Good Choice?

Basswood is the leading type of hardwood for building materials in the world and for interior shutters in Utah. It is durable but lightweight, and it holds up for many years to come. It is used extensively in creating custom shutters for its beauty with a compact grain to enable any size of shutters to be made easily. They easily accept the strongest joinery of mortise and tenon in the joints.

Stained Basswood Shutters

Stained Basswood Shutters Features

Natural basswood is a pale to medium yellowish color, which is perfect to accept any color of stain you wish on them for window shutters in Utah. We can stain them any color to match your trim in your home, your wood flooring, or any other items that are wood-based, such as furniture.

The very straight grain of this wood makes it easy to work with and lends itself to any size or shape of window you may have in your home or business.

Basswood shutters in Utah work very well on specialty-shaped windows as well, such as arches, round, triangular, or any shape you can imagine. They work supremely well for French doors with a handle cutout.

Stained Basswood Shutters Gallery

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At Mill Creek Shutters, we pride ourselves on being the most trusted source for custom window treatments and stained basswood shutters in Utah. We have decades of experience in our team of designers, fabricators, and professional installers as well. We offer a guarantee on all of our products as well as our services. Call us today about your shutter project so you can experience the Mill Creek Shutters difference!

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