Custom Shutters: Standard Tilt vs. Rear Tilt

When you choose custom shutters in Utah, you can choose if your products will have the standard tilt or the rear tilt functions. They look different on your new shutters but operate much alike.

What is a Tilt in Shutters?

The tilt in shutters refers to the tilting bar on them. The tilt is used to open and close the louvers on your shutters to get filtered light in your home. You can adjust them entirely closed to insulate your windows and have privacy or open the louvers to any position you like.

What is Standard Tilt?

The standard tilt on a shutter is a vertical bar that spans the shutter from top to bottom and is attached to the louvers. This is the classic and timeless look of shutters. You merely move the standard tilt bar up or down to open or close all the louvers on your plantation shutters.

Advantages of Standard Tilt

You get the classic look and feel in your shutters with the standard tilt feature. There is one drawback though, if your window has sections in it, it may distract you with a visible tilting system. The vertical bar does make cleaning your shutters a little more difficult than the rear tilt type, and the staples attaching the tilt bar can sometimes come loose.

What is Rear Tilt?

The rear tilt bar is not visible from the front of your shutters. Instead, it is hidden on the back of the hinged side of your shutters. In this orientation, you merely grasp one of the louvers on the front side and rotate them to open and close all the louvers.

Advantages of Rear Tilt

Rear tilting shutters match exceptionally well with contemporary homes and modern homes alike. If your windows are thin or small, the hidden tilting bar gives them a cleaner look than the traditional front tilting bar. You also get an unobstructed view and a clean and crisp appearance.

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