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At Mill Creek Shutters, we are your #1 source for premium-grade custom shutters in Utah. We have decades of experience in producing the most beautiful shutters of all types with the highest quality materials at affordable prices. Our shutters are all made to be the most durable and long-lasting in the industry.

We are experts in creating and fabricating indoor shutters to fit all sizes and shapes of windows including specialty shapes of all types to make them really shine.

Louvered shutters are a type of plantation shutter that has horizontal slats so you can open them and let natural sunlight inside your home on a nice sunny day, or you can close the louvers tightly to have complete privacy.
Polywood Shutters
Shutter Paint Colors
White looks pristine when it is newly painted on shutters, however, exterior white shutters can become yellow over many years. We can paint your shutters in any color you wish. Here are a few of the favorites by homeowners.
Divider Rail
Divider Rails
You can choose to have divider rails on your custom shutters in Utah. A divider rail is a fixed rail that separates the bottom and top halves of a shutter on a window. It allows you to open each half of the shutter independently of the other, so you have more options in your lighting control.
Stained Basswood Shutters
Stain Colors Shutters
Popular stain colors come in several different hues. Light oak brings out the natural color and grain of your woodwork, which looks particularly astounding on basswood shutters. Chestnut is a combination of brown and tan that looks like natural wood. Cherry is rich and luxurious with amber undertones, and warm reddish-orange tones. Myrtle includes many different hues, such as brown, honey, grays, reds, and greens. Mahogany is brownish red in color, and it darkens the woodgrain’s pores for a beautiful rich display of color. Ebony is the darkest stain, and it looks almost black.
Standard Tilt vs Rear Tilt

Your Utah window shutters can be fabricated as a standard tilt, or a rear tilt. The standard tilt has a central bar that is vertical in the center front of the shutter panel. You use it to tilt your louvers open and closed. The rear tilt on shutters has a hidden tilting mechanism that you can’t see from the front to open and close the louvers. It has a more polished, contemporary, and clean appearance. In this case, your touch the louvers themselves to adjust your shutters.

Shutters Frame

You also have choices in how your shutter frames mount to your windows for different looks. An inside mount frame for window shutters in Utah will be inside of the window frame, and it will sit flush with the wall on each side of it.

An outside mounting shutter frame is fitted to the window frame on the outside of the window frame, and they protrude outward from the wall.

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