Precise Window Treatment Measurements in Utah

Not every homeowner realizes it, but there are no standard window sizes or shapes. This makes it hard to find ready-made window treatments that will fit your windows perfectly. The good news is that when you order custom window treatments, the professional team will help you decide which window treatments will work best and beautify your windows, plus they will take all the measurements to make certain they fit right and operate properly.

Why Should I Opt for Professional Measurement?

Window measurements can actually be a bit different from top to bottom or side to side. Even a fraction of an inch difference will not allow a perfect fit of your window treatments. They could leave gaps where the hot sunlight spills into your home and heats it up in the Utah summer months. If your window treatments are too long, they pose a tripping hazard, and if they are too short, they will make your entire room look smaller and shorter.

Professionals can take precise measures to keep in mind that other items near your windows need addressing, such as doors, bookcases, radiators, and moldings. They will also plan for your drapery hardware and at what height your new window treatments should be hung.

Installing Window treatments

How to Measure Your Windows

For inside mounted treatments, you will need several measurements to ensure a perfect fit. The horizontal measurements include the inside width, the outside width, the sill width, the left wall space and right wall space, the window depth, and the trim projection. The vertical measurements include inside length, the top of the frame to the sill, the top of the frame to the bottom apron, and the top of the frame to the ceiling or crown molding.

For window treatments with an outside mount, you will need horizontal measurements of the outside width, the sill width, and the left and right wall space. The vertical measurements you need are from the top of the frame to the sill, from the top of the frame to the apron, from the top of the frame to the floor, from the top of the frame to the ceiling or crown molding and from the top of the frame to a chair rail.

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