Tips on Choosing Custom Plantation Shutters

The beauty of choosing custom plantation shutters for your windows gives you many different choices and options. Whether you choose wood shutters or composite plantation shutters, you can customize the color of them in any color of paint or stain that you wish. This allows you to have an almost unlimited variety of colors to match your decor seamlessly.

What Finish is the Best for Shutters?

Both stain and paint are effective wood and composite wood sealants for your interior shutters to protect them from harsh sunlight and UV rays. Paint is a better protector of the wood than stain, and it’s more effective at blocking out light in a room. However, not to a huge extent better than stains, so ultimately, it is up to your preference as to which you choose for your home.

Stain or Paint your Shutters

When deciding on stain or paint for your shutters, be aware that there are many more paint colors and sheens than there are stains, and it depends on what you are matching your shutters’ finish to or if you are creating a focal point in a room.

Choose your Shutters Paint Color

If you want your new shutters to blend in with the surroundings, you will likely want to choose a lighter paint color in the white or off-white family in a matte finish. If instead, you are creating a focal point in any room of your home, you can choose any bright color you wish to give your spaces some personality. You can even have your shutters painted in a rainbow color for a child’s room to add cheerfulness and playfulness.

Choose your Shutters Stain Color

If you decide on a stain to finish your shutters, you can match the shade to your existing flooring, cabinets, or trim work in your home to blend in seamlessly. You may instead choose a natural color to bring out the beautiful wood grain in your plantation shutters or choose a simple and elegant white color, for a timeless and classic appearance.

Choose your Louver Size

Custom plantation shutters also allow you to choose between different louver sizes as an option. Smaller windows look more uniform with smaller louver sizes, whereas larger louvers work best in your more oversized windows. When you open larger louvers there is more space between them that you can see through for a better view out of your larger windows to the outside world. Small louvers on a large window look too busy and mar your view when they are rotated open.

Decide on the Placement of your Shutters Tilt Rod

You also have options on your custom plantation shutters regarding the orientation of your tilt rod on your panels. The tilt rod has all of the louvers on a panel attached to it, so when you move it, all of the louvers move at the same time and tilt to the same position for a uniform appearance.

Standard Tilt

The standard tilt rod is what most people think of as the classic window shutter. It is located in the middle of the louvers on each shutter panel and appears as a vertical rod running from the top to the bottom of the panel. You simply grasp the rod and move it up or down to control the filtered lighting in your rooms to any angle you want.

Rear Tilt

The rear tilt rod is also called a hidden tilt in some models of plantation shutters. The louvers are connected out of sight inside the side stile of each panel, so you see no tilt rod at all from the front of the panels. You just grasp one louver and rotate it up or down as you wish, and all the louvers on the panel move in unison with it to adjust your lighting.

Choose your Shutters, Mount

Inside Mount

If your windows are set back far enough within the window frame to accept your shutter frame, then you can choose the inside mount option. This is a cleaner and more polished appearance for plantation shutters. This mounting option has your shutters sitting flush with the walls that surround the window for clean and straight lines.

Outside Mount

If you have shallow window sills and there isn’t enough room for an inside-mounted shutter, you can still choose plantation shutters. They would mount to the wall just outside of the window area, or on top of your existing trim. Outside mount shutters are also known as direct mount shutters, and they will protrude into the room instead of being flush with the walls on each side. This is an excellent solution for windows that tilt in for cleaning.

Customize your Shutters with Mill Creek Shutters

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