What Are the Benefits of PVC Plantation Shutters?

Polywood shutters are manmade to last longer and to resist wear as real wood shutters do over time. They can be fitted to any door or window, and you can have them stained or painted in any color your desire, making them perfect for any home with any decor.

What are Polywood Shutters?

Polywood shutters are indoor plantation shutters for use in doors and windows. They are made with a durable solid wood substitute that is highly durable and treated to resist cracking, warping, splitting, bending, bowing, and discoloring over time. Indoor shutters also give you great lighting control. You can shut them entirely to keep the hot sunlight out of your indoor spaces or open the slats to get some filtered light or swing them open to have an unobstructed view of your outdoor scenery.

Top 4 Benefits of Polywood Shutters


Polywood Shutters Are Eco-Friendly

The entire construction process is eco-friendly because they are not made from trees but from a wood substitute. The paint on Polywood shutters is non-toxic, so it’s environmentally safe, and it is below the acceptable level of VOC emissions. These shutters are manufactured in the USA with a process that uses minimal water, and it also produces minimal waste for the most environmentally safe window treatments.

Longer Lasting Compared To Other Shutters

The composite components make Polywood shutters impervious to termites which can eat away at solid wood shutters, and they are also moisture resistant. This means you can place them in rooms with high humidity and heat, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms, and they will retain all of their integrity. You get superior energy efficiency and beautiful windows that are guaranteed to last with a lifetime warranty. Wood shutters will eventually tend to crack, break, bow and discolor after several years of use and they can’t stand up to moisture and humidity.

Tailor-Made for Any Door/Window

Custom Polywood shutters can fit any size and shape of door or window with a choice of slat sizes. Cutouts are made for door handles and window latches, and shutters look amazing in these applications. One of the best uses of indoor plantation shutters is on your specialty-shaped windows to highlight the beauty of your architectural delights.

Polywood shutters Will Not Fade

These shutters are completed with a baked-on finish that allows them not to discolor in the UV rays of the sun ever after years of the hot sunlight beaming in on them when they are closed. Real wood shutters will at some time start to fade because they are made of hardwood that ages and naturally discolors.

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